The Roofers You’ll Want To Call in Orlando! Call 407-610-6771

Weather Stopper Certified  GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

Weather Stopper Certified GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

Whether you are visiting our website because you notice wet spots on your ceiling, have a noticeable leak in your house or you found shingles in your yard, we are the Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. Roofing Division that can help you. As roofing experts we work with asphalt shingles, metal, slate, wood shake, flat and low slope roofing systems, among others. Our considerable experience gives us the ability to diagnose any need for repair. Postponing necessary repairs can be very costly, as unattended damage compounds and becomes dramatically worse.

Reputable And Skilled Roofers

Unfortunately, many customers contact us to fix a roofing problem that was caused by unqualified or unethical roofing contractors. Oftentimes the first contractor used will be selected for quoting a very low price. The unfortunate reality is that many roofing contractors in Orlando have the “take the money and run” philosophy. We have always chosen to provide our customers with top-quality work and the best possible service. This business model has served us well and in turn has positioned us as one of the most trusted and reputable

Weather Stopper Certified  GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

Weather Stopper Certified GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

roofers in Orlando. While there are some good roofing companies in our area, the unfortunate reality is that there are a far greater number who are not. Home improvement companies generate more complaints and unsatisfied customers than any other industry, and

Quality Roof Repair For Your Home

Chances are, your home is your greatest investment in your lifetime, as it is for most people. The appearance of your home and its roof are not only essential to the re-sell value of your property, but also to the pride you feel about your home and the image it portrays to your neighbors and friends. Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place where you rest, relax and raise your family. You cannot trust your home, or the roof of your home, to just anybody.

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We pride ourselves on providing you with a job that is executed with perfection and performed in a fair and competitive manner. We will take the necessary time and effort to diagnose your roofing problem effectively, so that you won’t need further roof repair down the road. Our customer service in unmatched in the Orlando area. For a residential job, we will strive to finish efficiently in 1-2 days. You will not have to worry about when or if the job gets completed, and you won’t have to clean up after us either! We always maintain the highest standards of customer service in every roofing job we do!

We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cards Call 407-610-6771

Sometimes a customer believes that their roof is so old or functioning so poorly that roof replacement is the only viable option. In fact, approximately 70% of roofs that are expected to be replaced can be effectively repaired, thus saving the potential customer a great deal of money. We always look for suitable repair options first, before advising a customer to re-roof their property.

Commercial Roof Repair Services

Since the founding of our company in 1992, we have actively serviced both residential and commercial property owners. We understand that the roof on your home and your business or investment property provides a vital function in both scenarios. Our experience with commercial roof repair encompasses over 2 decades of both new installations and repairs on commercial buildings. We know that your business or investment property is your livelihood. It is therefore of great importance that you can protect this investment at a price that is favorable to your bottom line.

Weather Stopper Certified GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

Weather Stopper Certified GAF CE18239 Call 407-610-6771

Why Choose Us For Your Job?

Quality craftsmanship — Our roofers use the most effective and advanced techniques

Superior products — We only use top of the line roofing materials to ensure a quality job with results that last

Competitive pricing — We want to provide the best value for your money, and our rates are among the most competitive in the Orlando market

Customer Service — In providing the highest level of customer service to our clients, we have built a stellar reputation in the community.

Dependability — We show up on time, and finish the job in a timely manner. You won’t have to worry about us.

Our workers are bonded, insured and licensed by the city of Orlando with certification. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about your roofing job and we will be happy to be of service. By exceeding your expectations we hope to be the roofing company you call first when roofing needs arise.

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